Television & Radio: We consider the demographics of your customers and examine current media market intelligence to strategize your ad campaigns in national, provincial, regional, and local markets.

Direct Response Television:   Cost efficient buys utilizing pre-emptible air time, which allow for discounts of up to 50%, for 30 and 60 second creative spots on select national specialty channels.

Online:  We develop and execute online geo-targeted ad campaigns, including behavioural trends, which are optimized to attract higher “click-thru rates.  We plan our clients’ online ad campaigns pursuant to standard ad units, rich media, and video ad placements.

Out of Home Advertising: Daniels Media Services maximizes out-of-home advertising with the strategic placements of visually stimulating advertising on posters, transit shelters, bus boards, bus interiors, digital outdoor, and in other unique external advertising opportunities.

Magazine & Print: Daniels Media Services identifies priority publications for print advertising by matching client profiles with a magazine’s theme and readership demographic to yield premium placements of print advertising.